How to love

So long, I have been deliberately close, waiting for his soul to respond; in so long, I have been concerned about the letter, because only and his communication will use the chat tool. For a long time, he began to worry, also in the night time insomnia, because thinking, because love a person, will let the quiet heart began to float at.

I was so strong that he is a quiet woman, just like reading love text in the quiet afternoon, just like watching the world come and go, the love entanglement Dan Xiangsi not and I just, I just want that stood behind me to accompany me to look at water man as long as he is in love with me, my love is not love he has nothing to do with the world.

But life is not like not good at copying path in life. But I still is the main character, can lead the tears is extra play, together with the story of the script is also the reality changed beyond recognition. Have to admit, I lost myself, lost to the person I love, also lost to quietly growing out of love.

I began to feel fear, panic, touched at. Love a person, yes, but fell in love with a person who don't love you, that is how the pain. That day, he heard that he likes the external publicity, the beautiful and graceful girl. At that moment, the long-awaited heart instantly into alcohol, blurred lost sunshine support, let myself drift in the boundless sea, washed his sadness. I'm not his woman, there is no way to pretend he look of love, the bones of the peace cannot release the coquettish. I was, to him, is always strange, just a not in my heart ripple passing; and he, but in my heart silently out of the flowers, lilies and a more than sad pedicels, at midnight amid throbbing in there.

I know that we are not wrong, just two people met in the hourglass of time, is not we love each other. So only during the rainy season would rather get wet memories of their own, let little hate to precipitated dust storm, let rainbow light heart.

Many choices in life, will meet a lot of people, a lot of things, nothing is inevitable, we can only meet in the accidental and know each other. To meet, is glad, meet do not love, please leave. No one can always rely on who, unless meet the doomed man in life. Before long, I choose the dust that Acacia, grateful that he let me have a heart of joy, for he gave me a dream reason in those days, more hope in life on the road to harvest their own sunshine.

Love a person, the transfer of a world, whether sad or happy, at least we release our beauty in that season, but also because to understand, so can let oneself more splendid still.

lundi 18 août 2014 09:23

I am not afraid for my life






六年前,我走进你的同一所学校的不同部分,你的同学和我将有一段时间天天芭芭拉,活活泼泼的一天。当我们登上主机平台郑重起来,我发现:缘定是你的生命!在落霞的天空,黄昏,你阴沉着脸警告我:你是一个浪子,而是从南狼马,狼是非常残酷的,再加上狼是太可怕了!愣我不相信,聪明活泼,可爱的小男孩则是另一种怪你。感谢您对我们的信任,让我有沉重的一生!我更喜欢身着白衣,覆盖着长长的头发,长袍飘飘裙觉得快乐,你会开玩笑说我“白蛇传”,你自然成为“她的丈夫。” 所以,我更加坚信:就像今天一样吸引着像我们这样的,即使你是一匹马的狼,也有狼披着人皮的,我认为上帝派我到世上来,也就是直到你不利用邪恶,查看和管感化你的“狼来了”,否则,为什么你喝醉了,因为我,为什么抓着我的手,想牵我的生活吗?你喜欢看日落地平线,那是心灵的净化,我知道,你在外面,有一个太阳走了,但也迎来了日出,从一个误区狼,一步一个脚印,美和生命的同时不断扩大渴望扩大记住,“夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏”的错误激励着我们热爱生活,热爱生命吗?在这充满激情的秋天,随着生活周围的冬天一个主题,我们一起度过的,经过春季和秋季。

vendredi 29 novembre 2013 07:27

And wait for you

Dear, thank you to a beautiful charm my flower, butterfly Yan Shuangfei, must the dream of the same habitat, today, along a road through time, touch the time corridor, those familiar with and happy and make love. Walk you I have Xiangyixiangwei trails, twist a wisp of dust a lingering, long short thoughts, Yi heart smile, kiss sincere wish, drunk in the two love long long.
Miss filling day, I turned into a beautiful butterfly, each morning, with a plume lingering, with your shoulders; in every evening, with a gentle, is you. Snow boiled Acacia, the light thin, dear, if you are the wind, I would sail, only, the remotest corners of the globe, and you silently forever; if you are the star, I wish for months, just as, on the road, and you add radiance and beauty to each other. The fleeting time, flowers for one person, love is a man that, that we have come together every intersection, is destined to become the most beautiful scenery in life.
The flowers in the window, I wait for you; the snow fly, I wait for you in the umbrella; the slanting sun, I read in you; the moon circle, I wait for you in the dream world, a lively, warm a reunion, sansei stone, you are my five hundred years of fate, you are my mortal procumbens, looked back and smiled scenery. The situation has been deeply, love is profound, came a ray of tenderness, Xu you together, my dear, in this life, but is willing to work with you, waiting for a peach flowers flowing away with water agreement.


mardi 26 novembre 2013 05:25

a few sporadic rain

Two thick clouds , a few sporadic rain , blowing wind with rain , so that urban cool, faint , the clear ......

Walking down the street I feel very comfortable , raindrops on the body , as if by chance Similarly, wetting looked up eyes. Although the walk , but it seems wildly in the shelter under fruit trees , rain Pearl from time to time on the dense foliage falling on your forehead and lips ...... and friendly shopping streets are always coming and going before , do not know why always so many people like to walk from here . Like to see girls dress elegant way around from the side through , but also like to see those wearing shorts and a substrate shoes smile youthful girls , do not know why always the eyes fixed on them , perhaps born seventeen -year-old woman like pure, pleasant appearance , it makes me think yu say the phrase " a woman is made of water , then cool ...... I met her daughter was very envious also want to wear what to wear are nice age, but in their own time fleeting shyly missed ......

Rain like their feelings as lazy , boring months since stopped . Beauty is always present in the human unexpected moment, which brings scattered rain turned so beautiful rainbow. Past have seen the rainbow , but no seen such a complete , so gorgeous . Two colored ribbon hanging on the front of the sky, just like the ancient palace elegant bun on a good red makeup on hairpin , workmanship Juanxiu and psychedelic . Car moving , as if to enter this two Hongqiao , such as rhyme dusk , sow tenderness. If you are a loved one sitting with a bus, then this is the way to happiness palace train , this red orange green blue violet drop- rainbow happiness is your witness . Looking at this beautiful sky , my heart is crying with a slowly intoxicated ...... to drop deep magic rainbow rainbow mosaic both , horizontal hanging mid-air, mountain light cloud shadow , floor line COURT corner , all in the colorful sky, hope sediment owned by people dream.

Marginal gash horizon line , rainbow Xiao Yu Ji , Choi Toru area that slowly evacuated cloud go home, which has gradually disappeared rainbow colors. More light , more clear, more and more people 's heart far. If America can eternal , that people will one day get tired , just like you're tired of my eternal beauty ...... or do not speak , because one day it will be like eternal rainbow in our general

lundi 11 novembre 2013 10:44

Leisurely and peaceful

Yes, I like this time, this static beauty. Outside the hospital a few tall tree, full of leaves, large and prosperous, every leaf, as if can load elf dance. I like standing on the balcony, looking around with them, like standing on the branch rod, caressing whitish bark, they always give me a firm and dependence. A corner, there are several strains of vanilla, I can't name, but the mint flavor, always at my interest in time, exudes a breath of life in a soup. Another on the export side yard, do not know who put it in a pile of Chen mu, under a few root has started to decay, rain, President of some fungi, is the bugs like nesting places, so, also some wild flowers and weeds are willing to stay so, often colorful flower color the wind that shakes the splendor. There are several strains of ivy, the fence climbing slowly, pulling into a continuous, as if it is a min barrier, let me enjoy the natural, alone, although, it is indeed very rural.
Watching the sun slowly over the hill from the woods, finally will drop into the mountain Wu, this process is still some dazzling, but also very grave, my mood, also in the ups and downs between tends to flat and. The days of the panic, and anxiety, but also with the wind slowly dispersed. Well, in the face of this a static beauty, my mind jumps out, just like two words, simple to be me to describe. It is just what I want Yun Yin taste. The a dream, without any fear can be powerful enough to destroy my heart or fantasy, it is like a kind of belief, supported by an extremely weak life, therefore, no matter what happens, I will not give up life, believe that will make me strong to face.
The purple spots still order tricks such as open, still be in casual touch, without the pain of silt into the day of remembrance, but I have not mind it reminded, because I understand what they are after is a kind of necessity, it defined the is Fenghua fade, nothing is forever -- see such a sad ending, life will breed a hope in sorrow, it can support, is seeking the answers in ordinary days, related to happiness or not, are willing to pursue. I also so, tacky and true. Thus, apart from those dark sigh, let the heart calm closer, then closer. May not care about winning results, not perfect, can not care process is not?


lundi 28 octobre 2013 05:29


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